A Pack of Problems

Chapter 1

Tonight while sitting in my easy chair trying to finish going over my naughty or nice list from Texas (for the second time). I began to faintly hear music coming from the outside. Usually that is not too suspicious but as I continued to focus on my list it began to dawn on me that what I was hearing play was not the usual holiday music but rather it sounded like polka music. Slightly curious and rightly concerned, due to the fact that the music was emanating from the direction of reindeer headquarters, I decided it might be in my best interest to investigate. So, laying aside my mile-long list of names, I quickly slipped into my insulated rubber boots and made a silent dissent down the fire pole. Grabbing a heavy parka I headed out the door and as I rounded the side of my house I stopped dead in my tracks. Someone had taken quite a bit of extra time to add tons of Christmas lights to the outside roof of reindeer headquarters. In fact it dawned on me as I drew closer to the barn that the words "Open" were written in huge letters with twinkle lights on the front of the sled entrance. They were flashing on and off and on the other side of the barn written in smaller lights it said "Come On In". As I stood there in confusion scratching the top of my head, I began to hear cheering and hollering and applause. Someone had hoisted a marquee sign up in front of the doors that said "Dancers Dance Club" now showing the world-famous line dancing llamas. "I wonder what in frostbite is going on now" I thought to myself as I entered the barn door at reindeer headquarters someone had hung a black curtain across the opening and one of the elves that works candy shop was sitting on a stool behind a small counter with a cash register. "That'll be $10" he said to me. " $10 to get into my own barn?" I don't think so! "But Santa" He said "it's for a good cause". Whatever, I said to myself, handing him a $10 bill. Cant Believe I have to pay to enter my own barn..

This is the start of a new children's story I'm working on.. If you like it please feel free to come back later..